AliExpress - order goods from China without intermediaries and extra charges

AliExpress — Shop for ordering goods from China without intermediaries.

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If you click on the picture above, you’ll reach the world famous online shop AliExpress. So, AliExpress is part of the largest group of companies Alibaba, founded in 1999. Alibaba Group is a family of Internet business that combines the buyers and sellers on the Internet from more than 240 countries worldwide. Alibaba Group consists of 25 business units, one of which is AliExpress.

Now a closer look at trading platform AliExpress.

AliExpress — a popular online store filled to overflowing with goods from China. If you have dealt with the site Taobao, here you will find all the products listed in it, plus the available wholesale supply of goods directly from manufacturers. Store site is a guarantee of quality of all the goods, and also provides protection payments from buyers and tracking of mail up to the moment of delivery of the parcel.

When going to a website, you will be taken to a page with Russian interface.

Items on the site are sold as wholesale and retail. In order to make an order on AliExpress, you do not need to know Chinese or have a bank account in China. With the help of Russian interface you choose the goods you like, pay for it in U.S. dollars using any available method of payment and arrange the delivery to the address you provided.

Registration on AliExpress >>> AliExpress

The store contains only proven AliExpress sellers Authenticated system. Also, each vendor has a special rating, whereby the buyer is easier to make a decision on cooperation with him. Just store’s website provides a specially created system customer reviews about the vendors that customer leaves after receiving the goods, and the complete calculation with the seller.

Store AliExpress happy customers various discounts and closeout merchandise. Commodity prices are very competitive compared to similar stores.

In the online store AliExpress represented a huge list of products at very competitive prices. Here is just a small list of popular items that can be ordered from China: Tablets, smartphones, watches, Products for cars, laptops, televisions, toys, adult, video recorders, spy products, clothing and much more. The entire list of products simply do not grasp the scope of this article, you need to see with my own eyes!

Among presented on this site, there are quality products factory copies of popular branded items at an affordable price.

If you want to order goods from China without intermediaries through AliExpress site and you are a rookie in this case, the below is the list of articles and tutorials on working with the data store to be read (preferably not missing anything).

1. Registration on AliExpress

2. Personal account on AliExpress

3. How to search for a product (to be written)

4. How to choose the right vendor and product (to be written)

5. How to Buy on AliExpress. Part 1. Choose and add product to cart (to be written)

6. How to specify a shipping address on AliExpress (to be written)

7. How to Buy on AliExpress. Part 2. Orders goods for a living example (to be written)

8. How to Buy on AliExpress. Part 2. Continued (to be written)

9. Tracking parcels from China with AliExpress (to be written)

10. Discount coupons on AliExpress (to be written)

11. Reliable suppliers on AliExpress (on personal experience and your suggestions)(to be written)

12. Help in choosing a supplier and goods on AliExpress !!!NEW!!!(to be written)

14. How to Open Dispute on AliExpress (to be written)

15. Reviews of AliExpress (to be written)

17. Bragging — boast their purchases (to be written)

18. Size charts on AliExpress (to be written)

19. Analogs of AliExpress (to be written)

Materials are currently in the writing stage, and gradually become available for reading. Successful you purchase!

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