My Account on AliExpress.

2. Personal account on AliExpress

In our previous article «Register on AliExpress» we reviewed the registration process. I hope you do not have any questions at this stage, and if any, then ask them in the comments.

In today’s article we will look at a personal account on AliExpress.

To get started go to the store’s website AliExpress >>> AliExpress

Top of the page click «Enter» on the next screen, enter your email address and password you used when registering. After logging in you can select items and place orders. But first let’s look at your personal account. To do this, press the top of the screen «My AliExpress».

So, we are in a personal account.

Above is the main menu bar.

If you hover over the tab «My AliExpress», drops the following menu:

My Orders — This tab will display all your orders and their status.

Message Center — displays all your internal communications with suppliers.

My Lists — displays a list of your favorite vendors (Store List) and selected commodities (Wish List). If you liked what that item, then you can add it to your Wish List that the next time to find it quickly. Same thing with the supplier — add proven and best suppliers in the Store List.

My Coupons — List of coupon codes available to you. AliExpress coupons are issued for certain actions in the store, for participation in any promotions, etc. and can be used for paying any explanation. Seller Coupons are issued by the seller and may be used only in the store provider that issued the coupon. Coupons are used for payment on the checkout page.

The next item on the main menu — Cart — shopping cart with your goods. If you choose what that item, you can add it to your cart and continue the search for, and then go to the Cart with the added goods and already begin to checkout.

Next comes the tab Help, which is available in two submenus: Help Center — where you can read the documentation for working with the store (in English); Submit a Complaint — if you experience any problems when working with an online store, you can use the complaint form you can submit this complaint to customer support.

Community — community of AliExpress.

Go to my — go to an account on

Below the top menu bar is located product search. Queries can be administered in English only.

Below is a panel Remainders. It displays information on all your orders, or rather indicates the status of the order (in brackets the number of orders with this status).

Payment Required — This fall orders that you have issued, but for some reason did not pay for them directly. Orders will be canceled if you have not paid it for several days (specify when ordering).

Shipment Required — this status get orders after payment. Each provider assigns your time, during which he is obliged to send you a booking. If he does not have time to do this and you did not renew this time, the order will be canceled and the money returned to your account.

Unconfirmed Delivery — order receives the status after the time allowed for delivery.

All Orders — displays all your orders with all statuses.

Feedback Required — after receipt of the order, you need to leave a review about the product and the speed of delivery, about how much you talked politely with the seller, as well as whether that explanation on the site so that you have received.

Unread Message — displays the number of unread messages in the correspondence with vendors.

Remainders left panel is your personal panel, which displays your photo, full name, as well as the number of comments posted to your rating.

Below this is an area menu Shortcuts — for quick access to important sections of the site. It includes the following elements:

All Orders.

Manage Feedback.

Shipping Adress — in this section shall be made an address for delivery of the goods. Maximum system stores up to 5 mail addresses.

My Coupons.

AliExpress Alert. Here you can subscribe to news from suppliers, such as you liked the product, you subscribe to it and wait for the price to drop it, you will receive notification by e-mail.

Change Password. If necessary, you can change the password to log in to your account.

There was not only considered the second, the blue line is the additional menu. In it the following elements:

My AliExpress — actually your personal account.

Transactions — Your transaction. In fact — duplicates section All Orders.

Message Center.

My Lists. Lists of your favorite products and suppliers.

Account — setup your account. It we will look a little bit more.

We see the following menu items:

My Personal Information.

Upload My Foto.

Edit Member Profile. You can make changes to your profile, namely, to include your: gender, email, contact address, zip code, telephone, fax, information about your organization.

If you want to remain anonymous buyer, simply do not fill in this information. Here you can also block your account by clicking the Deactivate Account.

Security Information Settings.

Change Email Adress.

Change Password.

Set Security Question. It is desirable to do so. As you will need it when you change e-mail addresses, passwords or recover a lost password.

Security Levels — the levels of security of your account. Go back and look at the current level of safety. If it’s low, you will be asked to raise it to carry out some actions, such as changing the password to a more difficult, setting security question, the creation of the electronic seal to prevent substitution of the original site to fake.

So, in this article we have met with your personal account. In the next article, we will go directly to the product search.

I wish you great discounts and good shopping!

Upd: Available to read the article «3. How to search items on AliExpress»

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