How to register on AliExpress

1. Register on AliExpress

In a previous article «AliExpress — Shop for ordering goods from China without intermediaries» we learned about the popular online trading platform AliExpress. I think after reading some of you have the desire to order something yourself at an affordable price ))).

The first question that arises on you — how to register on AliExpress?. Below we consider the registration process in more detail and specific examples, while at the same time you can repeat all the steps according to the instructions.

So, go to the online store website >>> AliExpress

We see the main page of the store. Let’s look at it and point out the main working area. I note that the details we will stay only on those points which are really useful to us when working with the store, the other elements will be presented as a reference.

The first action we need you to do that would be to start working — is to register on AliExpress.

Top of the screen click on the link «Register for free».

Before us the following screen. Since that time it may be difficult, since the information in English. Try to solve this.

Begin filling in the fields for registration:

1. In the «Email» — enter a valid email address. Next it will be used for login.

2. In the «Contact Name» — the Latin alphabet to introduce your real name and surname. They can not be changed after registration, so I advise to enter real data.

3. In the «Password» — enter your invented password to access the site. The password must be between 6 and 20 characters, contain only letters of the alphabet (A-Z, a-z) and numbers 0-9.

4. In the «Reenter Password» — enter the password again, coined in the previous step. Passwords must match.

5. Field «Which best describes you» means that you should arrogate to itself the status on this site. From the drop-down menus are available several alternatives:

— End Consumer;
— Wholesaler;
— Online retailer (Website owner);
— Online retailer (Marketplace like eBay, Amazon, etc.)
— Offline retailer
— Procurement officer for an organization

Read this list, select the most appropriate to your business.

6. In the «Enter the Code Shown» — enter the code displayed in the picture. If the characters are unclear, you can click on the Refresh button and the picture will change.

At the end of the registration form must necessarily be checked near Free Membership Agreement.

Next, click the button Create My Account.

The following window, which reads as follows:

«Congratulations, you have successfully joined the AliExpress.
Confirmation letter has been sent to your registered email address.
For security reasons, please check your e-mail address as soon as possible.
If you have not received our instructions to confirm, please check your spam folder or click here.»

Then go check the e-mail provided during registration.

If a long time nothing comes up, then in the previous window, you can click «click here» and you will see the following window with the contents:

Directions confirmation has been successfully sent to your address. However, due to heavy network traffic can take up to one hour for delivery of mail to your email address. In addition, given that this letter will be valid for 3 days.

Well, finally we got a welcome letter of registration on AliExpress. Now we can only confirm your email address by clicking on the link in the message, as specified Verification Link.

Just interesting information is present at the end of the letter — there are small tips for beginners. That’s what it says:

1. Before purchase.

Carefully check the product description and meet supplier to make sure — the selected item is exactly what you want to buy.

2. Before you pay.

Always use Escrow payment system with online payments for order on AliExpress. Your payment will be transferred to the supplier only after you confirm that you have received and are happy with your order.

3. After receiving your order.

Carefully check your goods received. If you are not satisfied with the order received, you can send a request for the return shipping. You should also try to negotiate with the supplier and achieve satisfactory conditions for return.

Now turn on the link in the email, if you have not done so. See a screen with a confirmation e-mail addresses. Now you can go to the store home page and start working with him.

If you are still not registered on AliExpress, then click the link >>> AliExpress and proceed to registration.

Our next article will focus on personal acquaintance with the Cabinet, the selection of goods, as well as a choice of suppliers on AliExpress. Follow publications and good shopping!

Upd: available to reading the following article: Personal account on AliExpress

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